Barong Dance - Banyuwangi

The word Barong has several meanings. In the Sanskrit language barong means bear, derived from the word “B(h)arwang”. Baron can also refer to the roots that live near a bamboo cluster or a performance imitating a wild animal. Evidenced from the meanings above, the last meaning is closer to the meaning of the Barong Traditional Performance. There are many Barongsin Blambangan of Banyuwangi; for instance, Barong Prejeng, Barong Osing or Barong Blambangan. The main character of this performance is a big giant head, with open wide eyes and two tusks protruding from his mouth. Barong is a traditional performance. The story is taken from a folk tale. The most famous story is taken from Barong Jakrifah that tells about the struggle of the villagers to open a new area in the jungle and they have to face evil spirit of the jungle. The performance is usually begins in the night and finishes at dawn. The message to take care of the forest is always given in every performance.

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