Selogiri River Waterfall

Selogiri River Waterfall is located in Ketapang Village, District Kalipuro, Banyuwangi. It is near to Selogiri Agro Tourism that only 2.5km far. The beauty of Selogiri River Waterfall is on the natural sightseeing, the water flowed from the top of the cliff and fell among a grove of trees.

This waterfall is truly presents the beauty of the natural and it still genuine and virgin. To reach this location is approximately need 1kilometer walking and pass the paddy fields, steep cliffs and river.

This tourism site is administratively part of Kalipuro sub-district. It is recommended to tourists who will visit Selogiri waterfall to be careful when visiting this place, because there is a forest area around the waterfall which often used as a military training ground.

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