Mocoan Pacul Goang

The word mocoan comes from the Javanese word that means “to read”. The connotation of the word pacul is “mocking. There are 7 to 8 players in one group in this Mocoan Pacul Goang Performance. Kendang, violin, gong and kluncing are the main musical instruments. The players read and sing using a version of the songs of mocopat like kasmaran, arum-arum, derma, pangkur, sinom etc. using the Blambangan style. The readings are taken from the lontar of Yusuf. The Paculan or mocking activity is usually funny. The paculan uses aphorism, pantun (a kind of poetry) or a joke. To start the paculan, the spectators usually say, “Paculan wis” (let’s paculan) in order that the players begin mocking one other. The Mocoan Pacul Goang traditional Performance is also called Aljin art, because the art was lead by a man named Aljin.

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