Tirto Kemanten Waterfall

Tirto Kemanten Waterfall is located at Wonorejo Hamlet, Kalibaru Wetan village, Kalibaru sub-District, Banyuwangi. Tirto Kemanten Waterfall is also often called Wonorejo waterfall and it located on the slopes of Raung Mountain with coffee and cocoa plants over the road. The coffee and cocoa plantations is already exist since Dutch colonial era and becomes the heritage from Dutch colonization.

This waterfall is composed of two waterfalls which reach 10 meters close to another, and it only separated by a large rock. The name of Tirto Kemanten means the bride and groom. It taken by the location of the waterfall that seems to be a bride and groom who sit.

The visitors who come to this waterfall will enjot the green nuance, the cool water temperature and some facilities like parking lot, food stalls, resort or cottage and more.

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