Indonesia Destinations For the Sport Tourism Program

To realize the sport tourism program, Indonesia needs to choose the most potential tourist destinations, from thousands of other tours. Indonesia itself has many tourist destinations that have the potential to become a place for sport tourism. Here are some of them.

Toba Lake
Lake Toba seems to never run out to amaze tourists through its various tourist destinations. First, you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba on Holbung Hill. Holbung Hill itself is in Tele Village, Samosir. This place offers another side of the beauty of Lake Toba. It doesn’t take long, just 15 minutes of climbing it reaches the top of Holbung Hill. From here, a traveler will be presented with the beauty of Holbung Hill against the backdrop of the magnificent Lake Toba. Want more challenging activity? You can play paragliding in the Ginjang Forest, which is located at 1,500 meters altitude above sea level, while being presented with a comprehensive view of Lake Toba.

It feels incomplete if you play Lake Toba if you haven’t tried various water sports, right? Yes, water sports that are usually done on Lake Toba are kayaking. Kayaking on Lake Toba provides a different sensation. Moreover, the current of Lake Toba is fairly calm in the morning, allowing you to kayak casually while looking at the beauty of the hills from the surface of the lake.

Riau islands
Riau Islands (Kepri) has a numerous of beautiful tourism potential. Stunning nature to its exotic culture makes Riau Islands always have its own charm for tourists for holidays. This tourist destination is also known as the ‘paradise’ of sport tourism. You can visit Kepri Coral which will spoil you with a variety of exciting water sports activities, from water cycling, jet skiing, hovercraft, banana boat, kayaking, to snorkeling. Besides that, you can also visit Bintan Island which has exciting water sports also. There is Treasure Bay Bintan in Lagoi which has the first artificial seawater lagoon in Southeast Asia. You can enjoy water sports that also done in the pool area, such as standing on a paddle board, trying to sail, playing jetski and even a flyboard ride.

Banyuwangi has long been known as a sport tourism destination. Various major sporting events have been held at this destination which named “The Sunrise of Java”. Tour De Banyuwangi Ijen is one of the official bicycle racing championships of the International Cycling Association (Union Cycliste International) which is held annually in Banyuwangi. But not only can you watch world-class bicycle racing, Banyuwangi also has a variety of attractive tourist destinations for those of you who like sport tourism. It is certain that Ijen Crater is the first place that you must visit in Banyuwangi. There, you can trek to the top of Ijen to enjoy the phenomenon of ‘blue fire’ which only two in the world, apart from Iceland.

Apart from trekking at Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi also has a number of spots to play surfing. For example, on Pulau Merah Beach with waves suitable for surfing with a length of beach reaching 400 meters. The existence of Pulau Merah Beach as a surfing location has also been recognized internationally. Pulau Merah Beach has hosted three world surfing competitions: the Banyuwangi International Surfing Competition which was held in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

If surfing on the beach has become a common challenge, you can try a more adrenaline-pumping challenge on Tabuhan Island. This island is located right in the Bali Strait which separates Java and Bali, precisely in Bangsring Village, Wongsorejo District. The island also suitable for those who like scuba diving or snorkeling. The richness of the animals is not only in the water, there are also many living animals, such as the Maleo bird which stops by when migrating.

Ready to try out the various sport tourism activities above while on vacation?


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