Glenmore Plantation - Kalibaru

Glenmore is a plantation areas with cooler weather than in the Ketapang District at eastern part of Banyuwangi. It can be reach within half an hours by bus. Glenmore is a plateau region so that the air is cool and the scenery is dramatically beautiful. There are lots of coffee and cocoa plantations in this area. The visitors can also see the traditional craftsmen that working on kitchen utensils, and we can buy it from them.

This area is has 163.800 hectares of plantation land, and it officially opened since 1910. The plantation ownership had changed to the businessman Liem Tek Hie after World War II. But, after the political upheaval in mid-1960s, it ran into the hands of plantation sharecropper in 1969. The ownership of these plantations continue and finally run under the plantation companies named Margosuko Group in 1980 to the present.

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