Teletubbies Hill in Jayapura City, Papua Province

Lots of people still remember the famous kid show called Teletubbies. Well, there is an iconic hill in that show, isn’t it? In Jayapura City, tourists can find a similar vacation spot that resembles the hill. No wonder, the locals name it Bukit Teletubbies! The location is in Doyo Lama Village and it belongs to Waibu Sub-District. The location is near to Sentani Airport, so tourists can easily get to the location. Aside from sightseeing, people come to the site to enjoy other activities, as well. These include photography and watching lake scenery. The fact is that the hill resides beside the famous Sentani Lake!

The Nuance
Both the nuance and appearance are similar to that of the real Teletubbies Hill. It has a grassy landscape with scarce trees and bushes grow on it. In terms of size, the hill only resides on 75 meters above sea level. Still, it takes some efforts to reach the top of the hill. As for the trekking route, two choices are available and both of them are considered easy. The best views can be seen from the top of it! These include Sentani Lake, Cyclop Mountains, and local settlements.

Exploring Teletubbies Hill
The prime thing to do in Teletubbies Hill is none other than trekking. Once again, tourists need to spend some stamina and time to get on the top of it. Here is the good news. A comfy pathway and trekking routes are available, so everyone can reach the destination easily. Along the way to the top of the hill, tourists may see some lodges too. They can use these to rest for a while before continuing the trekking, too. However, the amount is limited, so everyone should queue when the number of visitors is high.

Once arriving at the top of the hill, tourists would be able to eradicate the tiredness right away. Thanks to rejuvenating air and great panoramas up there. The grassy landscape dominates the area and it gives a soothing sensation to everyone. As for the views, the most noticeable one is definitely Sentani Lake. Lots of local houses are also seen on the horizon. While sightseeing, it is recommended to collect some photos, too.

For the information, Teletubbies Hill appears green during the rainy season. However, it turns yellowish when the hot season comes. Each of the appearances offers unique beauty, though, so tourists can choose their preferred time of the visit. Regardless of the season, it is quite recommended to visit the hill in the afternoon or during dusk. The purpose is to witness the romantic sunset, indeed!

Nearby Attractions

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  • Batu Besar
  • Patouw Pier

How to Get There
The first destination is Jayapura City and it is recommended to take an airplane to get there. For example, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport (Jakarta City) to Sentani Airport may take around 5 hours and 15 minutes. After arriving at Sentani, tourists should take Raya Kemiri Street and head to the hill right away. The location is in Doyo Lama Village and the distance is 8.2 km. Thus, this trip only takes around 16 minutes. Still, everyone should conduct trekking in order to reach the top of the hill later.

Where to Stay

  • Metta Star Hotel
  • Grand Papua Hotel

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