Bukit Salib Doyo Lama in Jayapura City, Papua Province

Another recommended place to visit in Jayapura City is called Bukit Salib Doyo Lama. Perhaps outsiders or tourists haven’t heard about it, but the site is quite popular among the locals. This hill is located in Sosiri settlement and resides near to the famous Sentani Lake. Those who pass through Jayapura – Sarmi Street may notice the hill, as well, for sure. To be exact, as the name suggests, it is located in Doyo Lama Village at Waibu Sub-District. In terms of name, “Bukit” means hill while “Salib” means cross. So, what makes it unique?

The Nuance
As people may expect, based on the name, the hill features a cross located on its peak. The cross becomes a perfect object for photography, therefore. Moreover, the hill offers beautiful panoramas! Once tourists arrive on top of it, they are able to see the stunning view of Sentani Lake and shady trees on the horizon. The nuance is calm and the air is rejuvenating up there. The green exotic landscape also dominates the hill. What is more? On the top of the hill, tourists would find a pathway to explore the area. Plus, some small huts reside on it, which are useful either for resting or sightseeing.

Exploring Bukit Salib Doyo Lama
People, either locals or tourists, usually visit the hill in order to watch the cross. They want to take photos of this object, too. Aside from taking photos of the cross, visitors can also collect other pictures including nature itself. The grassy landscape and Sentani Lake would be the best backgrounds for their photos, indeed. Some locals even come to the hill to conduct a pre-wedding photo session! Thanks to the splendid panoramas. In fact, it can be done freely.

From the top of the hill, tourists are able to see local settlements on the horizon, as well. These villages reside by the lake and look so peaceful. In order to get various viewpoints, in this case, tourists must explore the hill well. Have no worries. A pathway is available to conduct trekking and exploration. The presence of small huts also helps tourists to relax and rest for a while getting around.

Here is the consideration. Tourists must choose the right time to visit Bukit Salib Doyo Lama. The first recommended time is early in the morning. The purpose is to feel a more refreshing air and peaceful ambiance. Another great time to visit the hill is in the afternoon or dusk. Why is that? Tourists are able to see the romantic sunset at the time! Also, the wind feels breezier.

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How to Get There
The first destination is Jayapura City at Papua Province. For outsiders, it is recommended to take an airplane for a faster trip. From Jakarta City, for example, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport would take around 5 hours and 15 minutes. After arriving at Sentani Airport in Jayapura, tourists can simply head to Doyo Lama Village where the hill is located. The distance is 10.3 km, so the trip may take around 18 minutes. As for the best route, it is Raya Kemisi Street.

Where to Stay

  • Metta Star
  • Grand Papua Hotel

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