Pasir 2 Beach in Jayapura City, Papua Province

One good thing about beaches in Jayapura City is that they are located near to the downtown. Plus, most of them feature easy accessibility and offer amazing nature at once. For example, tourists should head to North Jayapura City for Pasir Dua Beach (Pasir 2). The exact location is in Tanjung Ria Village. The beach is located near to BLK housing complex, as well. Tourists only need to park their vehicle at this house and walk to the beach directly. The distance is only 100 meters. As for the allures, the beach offers astonishing landscapes and beautiful sea scenery.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Pasir 2 Beach offers a peaceful ambiance. It is because the shoreline is surrounded by bushy hills, so tourists must give some efforts to get to the site. In fact, they must go down using long concrete stairs. The locals call it Tangga Seribu or one thousand stairs, actually. Somehow, it becomes a distinct feature of the beach as well. Once arriving at the beach, visitors would find a short shoreline with its beautiful light-brown landscape. In the back, lots of coconut trees and coastal plants grow abundantly on hills. As for the sea, they are fierce and features big waves. Some coral reefs are also seen on the shore!

Exploring Pasir Dua Beach
The first thing that tourists can enjoy in Pasir 2 Beach is photography. They can take photos of various interesting objects there. The most famous object to capture is indeed Tangga Seribu. These long concrete stairs look unique and majestic, so everyone should not miss to capture it. Next, they can climb nearby hills and take photos of sea scenery from above! Both the panorama and ambiance are great up there.

What is next? After arriving at Pasir 2 Beach, tourists can either relax or enjoy beach walking. One thing, the shoreline is considered short, so it won’t take much time to explore it. The good news is that the beach has lots of trees and plants, which provide shadiness to the site. Thus, tourists can simply sit under these trees at noon in order to avoid the heat of the sun. Somehow, this comfort and helps them to eradicate stresses.

Another thing that tourists can enjoy in Pasir 2 Beach is none other than the seclusion. The number of visitors is low and the location is hidden. That means the beach offers a peaceful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. The only disappointment is the absence of facilities. Thus, it is recommended to carry some snacks or drinks when visiting the beach later.

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How to Get There
From Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport), tourists should take an airplane and head to Jayapura City right away. This flight would take around 5 hours and 15 minutes or more depending on the weather. Once arriving at Sentani Airport, they should take Raya Abepura – Sentani Street and head to Tanjung Ria Village where the beach is located. The distance is 41 km, so the trip takes approximately 1 hour and 14 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Andalucia Hotel

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