Visiting Jayapura City in Papua Province

Jayapura City is known as the capital of Papua Province and it offers lots of interesting natural attractions to tourists. It is true that people need to conduct a long trip to reach the region, especially those who live in Java Island. Despite the difficulty, no one would regret spending their holidays there. In terms of history, it was once called Sukarnopura and Kota Baru. However, the government changed it to Jayapura in 1968. “Jayapura” means a city of glory and it derives from the Sanskrit Language. When it comes to tourism, the city has numerous allures including natural attractions, history, culture, and traditional foods!

The Nuance
Those who visit Jayapura City should consider hiring a local guide to spend the vacation efficiently, though. This person would also give thorough information regarding the region. It is said the city has a total area of 940,000 km per square! It is bordering with the Pacific Ocean in the north and Keerom Regency in the south. As for the west border, there is Jayapura Regency. In the east, there is Papua Nugini. Well, tourists need to know both the city’s topography and weather first before visiting it. Actually, Jayapura consists of various landscapes including hills, mountains, and plains. Some of the lands are wild and uninhabited, in fact.

Exploring Jayapura City
So, what can tourists do in Jayapura City? The most common reason for visiting the region is none other than to explore natural attractions. For instance, there is Puncak Ifar where tourists can enjoy sightseeing and trekking. The hill becomes the home of the famous McArthur Monument and a recommended spot to witness Sentani Lake from above. Not to mention tourists can see Sentani Airport clearly from that area!

Visiting Jayapura City gives everyone a chance to visit the most famous and biggest lake, called Sentani Lake. The site is surrounded by green savannas and offers a rejuvenating air, for sure. Tourists can simply sit or stand by the lake while enjoying the nuance. The best time to visit the site is in the afternoon, actually. At the time, a romantic sunset would accompany all visitors. One thing, everyone should get back to the hotel or home before the night comes for the sake of safety. As other natural attractions, the region has Youtefa Bay, Base G Beach, and much more! Thus, all tourists should explore them all later.

The next thing to enjoy in Jayapura City is related to foods. The most famous one is indeed Papeda, which is made of sago. The locals call it Bubur Sagu or Sago Porridge! They usually eat it with deep-fried mackerel tuna or other side dishes. Other famous traditional foods that tourists should try are Aunu Senebre, Manokwari Grilled Fish, Ikan Bungkus, and much more!

Nearby Attractions

  • Goa Maria Sandurun
  • Holtekamp Beach
  • Emfote Lake
  • Penangkaran Buaya Bintang

How to Get There
From Jakarta City, it is recommended to take an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Sentani Airport right away. The flight would take around 5 hours and 15 minutes or more depending on the weather. Once arriving at Sentani Airport, they must take Raya Abepura – Sentani Street and get to Jayapura City right away. The distance is 42.6 km, so the trip may take around 1 hour and 9 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Hom Abepura Hotel
  • Bunga Hotel

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