Sunan Prapen Graveyard

Sunan Prapen graveyard is located in west side direction from Sunan Giri grave. Besides Sunan Prapen graveyard, there are also other graves of Islam religion figure such as: grave, kawis, cave and Panembahan Agung. The interesting tourism of Sunan Prapen graveyard is the omission sites that carved on the wall and grave dome, describes commerce prosperity in that period.

Sunan Prapen figure is related to dynasty Giri, which open up by Sunan Giri that is Sunan Prapen in 1548 - 1605, continued by Panembahan Kawis Guwo in 1605 - 1616, and followed Panembahan Agung in 1616 - 1636.
Sunan Prapen is substitution of Sunan Giri after Sunan Giri pass away in 1545.

Sunan Prapen pass away in 1605 and then its funeral become funeral complex of the next Giri ruler.

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