This cake has made from rice flour, sugar and coconut milk and wrapped in dried nut leaf that called as 'Ope'. Beside its special taste, its packaging also unique so you cannot find it in any other area. One factor because the material is already scarce and the process was not easy.

The base of the nut leaf must tanned first to separate the outer and inner layer. Then the inner part is utilized. Cleaned and cuts in suitable sizes then folded and stitched with letter L model without any corner so the side and bottom part has covered and forming like glass. After the dough has poured, the open-end part has tied and steamed. Finish the process then you can enjoy it.

Pudak was found in one color, white. But now on, Pudak has three colors; white, brown and green. The white one is the original taste while the brown one has mixed with Javanese sugar and the green one has colored with natural food coloring of Pandan leaf.

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