Songkok – Cap

Songkok is a traditional cap similar to the Malay. Songkok is also used as a complement Malay clothes that used to attend certain events. This cap said came from Indonesian, who is Islam as if fez and mostly produced in black. In Indonesia, the cap is also known by the name of ‘Peci’. Kemuteran village, Gresik, has long known as a cap or songkok village. In the village, the cap is also a part of the national clothing made from generation to generation. Making cap actually quite simple, almost all of Kemuteran village residents able to do it. The cap material is velvet cloth. At first cut based on the pattern of cloth, then sewed.

At present, the cap is diverse. Many cap employers have specialization of Songkok making process. The most simple is a smooth cap with a plain black color.

Another model of cap is cap with embroidery motif Malaysia or Indonesia. In Sumatra, that model called ‘Songket’. The cap has to be excellent in Sumatra area. Mainly because its embroidery motif similar to Malay or Aceh. The latest model is AC. Called AC because at the end of the front and back of the cap layer have ventilation of thin fibrous cloth. The cap has also some decoration of rubber that will not exfoliate. The model also does not have to use cardboard.

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Songkok Gresik is located in west side of Surabaya distanced about 18 km, be industrial town with Semen Gresik factory which is famous in Indonesia, there is also big wood crafter home industry and build since 1976. Gresik is rich in case of its tourism destinations. Meanwhile, the industrial sectors are also significantly increase relating the industrial area are mostly located in Gresik. Moreover, Gresik is also have some home industrial which is concern to the making of Peci. Peci or Songkok is an identical Indonesian male hat, which is…

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