Weave Sarong

Gresik is not only famous as Santri city, but also the center of sarongs craft. Gurahanyar village, Cerme District, Gresik Regency is the center of sarong craft without any machine tool or ATBM.

Many consumers, both domestic consumers and foreign consumers are preferred to order woven sarong products of Semampir village. In fact, many Middle East people preferred to the woven sarong products of Semampir village. Due to consumers in the Middle East has large body sizes, then the sarong size sold is different than usual. Sarung that sold to the Middle East is bigger in size, has a diameter of 110 centimeters (cm) and 120 cm length.

Sarong that produced using a weaving machine is already has loyal customers in several countries, such as Malaysia and the Middle East region.

Despite located in a village Regency of Gresik, woven sarong from Wedani village has already to worldwide. The village has become a central woven sarong since 1965. Not only the process of making in traditional way, but also the marketing that only relying traders in Surabaya.

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