Maulana Malik Ibrahim

Maulana Malik Ibrahim is the first Islam religion spreader figure in Java Island, and is one of sponsor out of nine eldest sponsors. Maulana Malik Ibrahim graveyard is located in Gresik city, precisely in Malik Ibrahim Street. The graveyard complex is encircling by funeral of family and public. Beside its location, in west direction, there is graveyard of the first Gresik regent R. Pusponegoro with his family.

The grave building that has its own characteristic compared to other grave is very interesting to visit. This uniquely can be seen from its tombstone material and Arab article style that found on that graveyard. The Tombstone that has Gujarat style is made from marble stone is in ship keel form typical of Gujarat, and its setting Arab article is found a lot in Gujarat country.

Generally, the grave condition is good maintained, but still require completion usage help and conservation of graveyard building. The supporting facilities have been built, such as; strategic parking area for the pilgrim, completed with other facility.

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