Sunan Giri

Paku, then nicknamed by Raden Rakhmad and because of his special things that owned by Raden Rakhmad, Sunan Ampel called him Ainul Yakin and later when he declared as head of Islam government in Java, he got a titled ‘Prabu Satmoto’ is son of Syeh Maulana Malik Ishaq with princess Blambangan, Dewi Sekar Dadu.

Sunan giri who one of Wali Songo member that also propagate Islam religion in Java Island, pass away at 1428 saka or 1506 A.D. Sunan Giri Graveyard is located in Giri village, Kebomas district, Gresik regency, about two 2 km toward south side of Gresik city. The graveyard complex that stays in Giri hilltop located in middle of family graveyard and public in that era.

The facilities are parking area of pilgrim, and in the graveyard complex, there are supporter facilities: Giri mosque, and the others fascination tourism and in Sunan Giri grave, there is: original teak wooden grave dome, its wall consisted of flora panel, while there is Scorpion Makara on its door of dome which in flora motif. There are many archeology omission motives of initial in Islam religion era, for example entrance gateway of the grave made from stone in king dragon head form.

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