Songkok From Gresik

Songkok From Gresik


Gresik is located in west side of Surabaya distanced about 18 km, be industrial town with Semen Gresik factory which is famous in Indonesia, there is also big wood crafter home industry and build since 1976.

Gresik is rich in case of its tourism destinations. Meanwhile, the industrial sectors are also significantly increase relating the industrial area are mostly located in Gresik.

Moreover, Gresik is also have some home industrial which is concern to the making of Peci. Peci or Songkok is an identical Indonesian male hat, which is mostly wear by male moslem.

Mostly, peci is made by velvet fabric, it is black with an old vintage design. But nowadays it become more trendy and fashionable by putting the embroidery or accessories in its lines.

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