Krawu Rice – Nasi Krawu

Nasi (rice) Krawu is such the typical food from Gresik, East Java. The character of this kind of food is the fluffier white rice and usually served with Banana leaf instead of plate or often called as 'pincok'. The dish comes from veal cutlet or in Javanese called it shredded, meat stews, chili paste and serundeng. The shredded meat cooked with various spices, tasted sweet because they were given sugar. As for Serundeng (coconut grated with special spices in it), usually has two colors; yellow and orange, which derived from the turmeric when cooked.

Nasi Krawu has a very special flavor, especially the side dishes. The shredded meat on Nasi Krawu has distinctive flavor, fleshy and tender. The Serundeng also has vary taste because processed in three flavors: savory, spicy and sweet. This side dishes make the menu rich in flavors. The sambal also adds its savory with spicy taste and terasi flavor that could make you feel always hungry. Then the fluffier rice is the perfect main dish for Krawu.

Nasi Krawu itself is the traditional food of Gresik- East Java. There are many food vendors that serve this menu in Gresik, so it's very easy to found Krawu menu.

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