Etek Rumah Makan
Mangga Street 1
Phone: (0736) 344143

Fajar Rumah Makan
Belimbing Street 4
Phone: (0736) 24885

Flamboyan 99 Rumah Makan
Flamboyan Street 72
Phone: (0736) 23072

Geday Asrama Semalam Suntuk
Pasar Minggu Baru Street D/44
Phone: (0736) 20763

Hari Hari Rumah Makan
Duprapto Street TI IV 107
Phone: (0736) 21994

Ibu Yati Rumah Makan
Bhakti Husada Street 10
Phone: (0736) 347415

Minang Permai Rumah Makan
Batas Area Bengkulu Street SC-1
Phone: (0736) 7008703

Mitro Rumah Makan
Flamboyan Street 134
Phone: (0736) 23343

Monggo Mampir Rumah Makan
P Natadirja Street Km 9
Phone: (0736) 51109

Nasi Kapau Rumah Makan
Letjen Suprapto Street 173
Phone: (0736) 26917

Nusantara Rumah Makan
Berlian Street 106
Phone: (0736) 20254

Pindang Pegagan Rumah Makan
Mahoni Street 9
Phone: (0736) 345302

Pioneerindo Gourmet International
Letjen Suprapto Street
Phone: (0736) 344225

Riung Kuring Restoran
P Natadirja Street 213
Phone: (0736) 20191

RM 833
Mayjen Sutoyo Street 62
Phone: (0736) 347423

Roda Rumah Makan
Berlian Street 161
Phone: (0736) 341275

Sabana Taraso Dilidah Rumah Makan
Adam Malik Street
Phone: (0736) 52779

Sabana Taraso Rumah Makan
Adam Malik Street
Phone: (0736) 51016

Takana Juo Rumah Makan
KH Zainal Abidin II Street 11
Phone: (0736) 22903

Abu Rumah Makan
P Natadirja Street
Phone: (0736) 25619

Dynasty Restoran
Mayjen Sutoyo Street 96
Phone: (0736) 21098

Embun Pagi Rumah Makan
Letjen Haryono MT Street 30
Phone: (0736) 23032

Empang Wisata Rumah Makan
Citandui Street 1
Phone: (0736) 25479

Jawa Timur Rumah Makan
Soekarno-Hatta Street
Phone: (0736) 20747

Kabayan Rumah Makan
Jend Sudirman Street 51
Phone: (0736) 21919

Kurnia Ilahi Rumah Makan
P Natadirja Street 12
Phone: (0736) 20473

Metro Rumah Makan
Flamboyan Street VII/134
Phone: (0736) 24491

Mie Rasa Rumah Makan
Jend A Yani Street 4
Phone: (0736) 22818

Palembang Warung
Jend Sudirman Street 57
Phone: (0736) 21259

Paris Rumah Makan
Semangka Street 51-A
Phone: (0736) 28738

Phoespha Pondok Makan
Mayjen Sutoyo Street 6
Phone: (0736) 342424

Saung Kuring Warung Makan
Batanghari Street
Phone: (0736) 22501Sederhana

Rumah Makan
Jend A Yani Street 332
Phone: (0736) 22654

Sederhana Rumah Makan
Beringin Street 21
Phone: (0736) 26339

Simpang Raya Restoran
Letjen Suprapto Street 380
Phone: (0736) 21683

Sinar Pagi Rumah Makan
Letjen S Parman Street 77
Phone: (0736) 23487

Siska Restoran
Letjen Suprapto Street 4
Phone: (0736) 22857

Sri Solo Rumah Makan
Letjen Suprapto Street 117
Phone: (0736) 22995

Latest News

Danau Dendam Tak Sudah

Danau Dendam Tak Sudah (DDTS), can be translate with Never Ending Revenge lake is one of famous destinations in Bengkulu. This lake is settle in Dusun Besar village, Singaran Pati sub-district, Bengkulu and has an area of 557 and 67 hectare wide. The lake thought to have formed from volcanic activity in the area. By located in the strategic importance, in 1936 this lake was established as a nature reserve with an area of 11.5 hectares by the Dutch government. Then, in 1979, this nature reserve area has been expanded…

Seven Colors Lake – Bengkulu

Danau Tujuh Warna Danau Tujuh Warna or Seven Colors Lake is located in Sumber Bening Village, Rimbo Pengadan, Bengkulu. Lake of Seven Colors can be taken approximately 35 km from the town of Muara Aman. Along the road to the location we’ll be found many residents, a verdant tropical rain forests and hills which is the extend rows that can be seen from a distance. These hot springs contain lake which and represent the seven colors of Blue, Red, White, Grey, Yellow, Brown and Black. The huge lakes are those…

The Imposing Tikus Island – Bengkulu

Tikus Island Tikus island or Mouse island is a small island that located on Bengkulu coastal waters and it part of Bengkulu province. This island is precisely located in west side of Bengkulu town. To reach this island, the visitors can ride the rental fisherman boat from Zakat beach or Tapak Pader beach, it takes 45 minutes. This island is clean and having beauty natural sightseeing, especially the water, which is very clear and sparkling. The visitors may see some fishes swimming around the coral which surround this small island…

Enggano Island, Just Like Any Tremendous Islands In Indonesia

Enggano Island Enggano Island is about 100 km southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia. It is about 35 km long from east to west and about 16 km wide from north to south. Administratively, it located on the North Bengkulu Regency. The three largest towns on the island are Barhau, Kabuwe and Kayaapu. The name of the island suggests some early contact with Portuguese traders (engano means disappoint), but the earliest published account was that of Cornelis de Houtman, dating from June 5, 1596, but he was unable to land a boat.…

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