Fort Marlborough

Fort Marlborough is a building fortress that located on the coast of Tapak Padri - Bengkulu City. Marlborough was built by the British colonial in 1914 - 1719 under the leadership of Governor General Josef Colin during their occupation in the region of Bengkulu.

Fort Marlborough is the largest fort that ever built by the United Nations during colonialism in Southeast Asia. The construction of buildings castle of Fort Marlborough is indeed very thick related with the British architectural style of the 20th century that indeed 'magnificent' and 'established'.

This overall shape of the fortress is resemble a cross-body 'turtle' that impressing the strength and grandeur. The details of European Taste building impress the existence of a great nation and prevail at that time. By many relics inside the Fort Marlborough, we note that at that time, the building were also serves as a center of various activities including offices, even a prison.

There were various historical record have occurred in the Fort Marlborough, among others are about the events British nation in Bengkulu that time, several weddings among them, the stories about spices, wars and the story of the death of Hamilton, the death of Thomas Parr and the submission of this castle for about six months by Tobo Bengkulu with Rajo Lelo as the King.

How to get there:
To reach this fort is easy; if you are a native bengkulu, you can directly go to the city of then straight to Sudirman Street, after that you can go directly to the fort marlborough on Bencoolen street. If you are from out of town and abroad there are two routes. The first, if you get on a plane, then you get off at the Fatmawati airport, then take the route a white angkot or public transportation to get to panorama market. After that you can take yellow angkot to city square in the fort marlborough.

If you take a bus then you will arrive at Prapto / panorama market. From there, you can take yellow angkot to the city square at fort marlborough.

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