Seven Colors Lake – Bengkulu

Danau Tujuh Warna

Danau Tujuh Warna or Seven Colors Lake is located in Sumber Bening Village, Rimbo Pengadan, Bengkulu. Lake of Seven Colors can be taken approximately 35 km from the town of Muara Aman.

Along the road to the location we’ll be found many residents, a verdant tropical rain forests and hills which is the extend rows that can be seen from a distance. These hot springs contain lake which and represent the seven colors of Blue, Red, White, Grey, Yellow, Brown and Black.

The huge lakes are those who are red, blue, white and grayish; all of those lake have 50 M diameter. While the rest of the lakes are in small size, which are black, yellow and brown.

When the visitors arrive to this area, the first lake that can be found is the blue one. This blue lake is a hot spring which has 10 M diameter. For more 200 meter, we will found the red lake. After 500 meter long and down to the cliff, we will reach gray lake. For more 500 meter, the white lake will finally reached and this is the hugest one and it has the biggest hot spring flow of any other hot spring. The hot spring in white lake can be sprays for 3 meter high or even 6 meter high during summer.

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