Bukit Kaba

Bengkulu save many beautiful tourism destinations which is must be visited. One of them is Bukit Kaba (Kaba Hill) is located in Sumber Urip, Selupu Rejang subdistrict, Rejang Lebong regency. This hill is a tourist destination that is interesting to explore, because it presents a beautiful and natural scenery with wild animals and plants.

Bukit Kaba is a mountain with an altitude of 1,937 meters above sea level with an area of approximately 13 490 hectares. Bukit Kaba is an active volcano type A, which is a mountain that has been erupted since 1600 until now. There are 8 craters of this mountain, but 5 of them covered in vegetation. This hill presents a beautiful natural scenery and unspoiled. To explore its natural beauty, you have to climb Mount Kaba. The ascent begins from the entrance of the jungle which is about 100 meters from the Travel Awareness Group Post. You are required to report on this post before heading for the jungle. In addition to writing the identity, you are charged a rate of Rp.2500 entry per person. The journey to Bukit Kaba can be reached from the west of Bengkulu at a distance of about 90 kilometers.

There are three shelters for the rest while you climb the hill. The journey from the jungle toward the shelter takes about an hour by tracking down the hill, bamboo forests, and lush forests. Then, the from first shelter to second shelter it takes about an hour by passing the track which is the local people said Tebing Cengeng or Maudlin cliff. It is named Maudlin cliffs because it has a slope of about 60 degrees for 50 meters long. Since the visitor has to climb the rock, and it is hard, then they complain and sometimes, want to cry. Meanwhile, from the second shelter to the third shelter there is a dome which is the entrance area of the hilltop.Thetrip takes half an hour. During the trip from shelter to shelter, you can not only enjoy the fresh air and green landscape, but also the sound of various animals.One of the most distinctive sound is the sound of gibbons. They usually makes specific sound because they want to mark their habitat area.

After arriving at shelter number three, you can set up a tent, if you want to spend the night here. If it were just hiking, you can sit relax before continuing the journey to the crater of life and death crater. The Peak Hill there is 3 beautiful crater. 2 craters are still alive. One crater is dead. Because it has a crater, Mount Kaba has hot springs. It is located 20 meters to the left of the valley overlooking the peaks. The water source is quite clear that it becomes an alternative for those of you who run out of drinking water. To go to the crater of life, you have to travel about 20 minutes to traverse stairs called Thousand Stairs. Passing through this staircase, it indicates that you've reached the top of Mount Kaba. From the top of hill, you can see the beauty of the Bukit Barisan hills, and Curup city, the capital of Rejang Lebong. If you are camping here, in the morning you can watch the sunrise from the summit of the hill.

How to get there:
To get to Bukit Kaba, you can start from Villa Hijau by an angkot (public city transport). Cross the street and catch an angkot, tell driver “Simpang Pasar Bukit Kaba”. After you get to Simpang Pasar Bukit Kaba then find the “Ojek” (motorcycle riders who take passengers) at the corner of the intersection. Tell them “Puncak Bukit Kaba” if you want them to take you all to the top of the Bukit Kaba. If they are not willing to take you to the top for some reasons, ask them to take you to the POKDARWIS post and then start hiking to the top (normally 2 hours climb). It is wise to ask someone, such as the hotel employee or the locals, about the normal fare before you get on any local transport.

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