Sumba - Mandorak Beach

Mandorak Beach is the beautiful beach in Sumba Region. The beach has clean white sand and lit up like pearls. You will be at home to linger on this beach. Wave of water beach is powerful and it is one of character of the beach at the southern coast. The wave are fairly large but safe, so the beach is also well-known to many international surfers. They choose to come here because of its less crowded serenity, especially when compared to the beaches in Bali and Lombok. If you visit Mandorak Beach, you will adore it. High cliffs become a background and the turquoise color of water dominates the beach. Besides that, there is a waterfall can be used to bath. White sand appears so clear and the scenery around the beach looks so gorgeous. Unfortunately, although the beach has beautiful panorama, but many people doesn’t know much about Mandorak Beach. Local residents use it to keep the boat after they fish. They work together by pulling the boat to the secure area from the tide of wave. Everyone who visits the beach will agree to consider Mandorak as a small hidden paradise.

Mandorak Beach is situated at Pero Batang village, Kodi sub-district, Southwest Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. If you come from Tambolaka Airport, you have two choices of transportation, are by a car and motorcycle. The main road from Tambolaka Airport to Kalenarongo Village is smooth. But, the access from the main road to the beach is winding. The narrow trail is only 1.5 meters and it is fulfilled by pebble and rocks. Besides that, you will through wilding along the street. From Pero Batang, it takes around 30 minutes. Although it is difficult to access the beach, but after you arrived at the hidden paradise, you will not regret to spend your adventure toward the beach. You will amaze to see Mandorak Beach.

Mandorak Beach is located at a remote region. The facility and the accommodation in this place are limited. However, it is a bit weird when foreign tourists prefer the natural access toward the beach. For them, this condition gives different sensation. The adventure to the beach will worth after visitors arrive at Mandorak Beach. When you come to the beach, you will find the only one building, which is owned by French people. The building faces to the ocean and adopt traditional house from Sumba. If you plan to stay overnight there, you can stay in Bungalows around Mandorak Beach.

When you come to Mandorak Beach, see sight is the most favorite activity. You will witness stretch of sand from the height. The beauty of beach with rocks toward the ocean looks so amazing. Besides that, clear crystal water make the beach has virgin atmosphere. The visitors who come here can enjoy the quiet and tranquility situation. Once you enter to the area of Mandorak Beach, you will see the white bubbles and wave of water. If you want to enjoy the different view of the beach, you can come up to the rocks. From this spot, you can see the uniqueness of Mandorak Beach. After you explore the land around the beach, next you can surf. This is one of activity you can do when you visit Mandorak Beach. The wave of water is powerful and strong because it faces to Indian Ocean. If you spend the night here, you will hear the sound of wave all the night. This is become one of unforgettable moment for visitors who visit Mandorak Beach.

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