Ransiki Downtown

Get to Know About Ransiki City, South Manokwari Regency
Ransiki is one of the districts in South Manokwari regency of West Papua. This downtown is also the capital of South Manokwari regency. Ransiki downtown is located in the southern part of Manokwari city, which is about 150 km away. Ransiki consists of 13 villages that are scattered in each part.

You can visit Ransiki by road using four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles with an average distance of 3 hours. Ransiki has about 1,180.20 square kilometers area or covers 41.96% of the area of South Manokwari Regency. The potential area owned by Ransiki includes the mining sector with tin mining material, and the potential as rice farming land which can produce hundreds of tons per harvest.

Ransiki Producing Super Delicious Chocolate
When you hear about Ransiki, what comes to mind is the super delicious cocoa produced in Ransiki. The production of cocoa has even started during the Dutch colonial era. However, the people of Ransiki, to be precise in Abreso village, started to pursue this business with the establishment of PT Cokran company.

However, since 2006, this company went bankrupt and collapsed. After a decade of being abandoned, the local government decided to establish the Cokran Eiber Farmers' Cooperative, where the cooperative buys the cocoa from farmers and sells it for around 20 thousand rupiah per kilogram. In addition, this cooperative also processes the cocoa into processed chocolate. The chocolate produced in cocoa from West Papua is different from cocoa that grows in other regions. This chocolate uses cocoa with a dark chocolate content of 72%.

This chocolate has a unique taste. The taste is not too bitter even though it contains high dark chocolate. In fact, they tend to be creamy, nutty, and earthy. Chocolate is also safe for consumption for those of you who are worried about fat, because healthy chocolate is chocolate that contains more than 70% cocoa content, so that the milk and sugar levels in this chocolate are not too high.

Ransiki downtown becomes a silent witness to World War II
Behind the beauty of this city, Ransiki also witnessed the dark moment that occurred in the world. This World War II took place in the forests of West Papua. Among the lush trees, you can find several abandoned amphibious and artillery-type tanks covered in grassy roots and loamy plants.

This tank was left intact, complete with wheels and chains. However, some parts of this tank were deliberately damaged so that it could no longer be used. The legacy of this war comes from the battles waged by American soldiers who helped the natives to attack Japanese troops.

This tank belonged to the enemy who was disappeared and hidden in the wilderness in West Papua. Until now, this historic area has been continuously improved so that it can become one of the leading historical tours in South Manokwari.

Because of its location in the lowlands so that there is access to visit beaches in Papua. There are Syari beach and Dosa beach in Ransiki. These beaches have been well managed so that they look beautiful and spoil the eyes.

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