Dosa Beach

One more tourist destination in South Manokwari regency, West Papua that interesting to visit, Dosa Beach. Dosa Beach is located in Sowi area, South Manokwari. With a stretch of clear turquoise sea, sand and mangroves around it, it will not fail to make you want to stay longer on this beach. Dosa Beach is indeed quite famous for its natural beauty, which is a shame if you just miss it. Along the coast, mangroves grow both naturally and intentionally planted for conservation.

We must be grateful to have Indonesia which is rich in tourist destinations in almost all regions of the country. South Manokwari is a strategic place because of its location which becomes the barrier between West Papua and Papua, which is one of the thousands of tourist destinations that you can visit or recommend to friends or relatives. There is nothing wrong with promoting interesting tourist destinations in South Manokwari. West Papua as a whole is unique and interesting to visit. Have a nice vacation, hope your tour around Indonesia get healthy and refresh!

How to get there?
Dosa Beach is located about 2 hours drive from Ransiki city, South Manokwari regency. The distance to this beach is about 13 km from the Manokwari port while from the airport it is only about 5 km.

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