Pintu Angin Tourism Presents the Charm of the Green Sea

Every time you hear West Papua, and ask questions about what tourist attractions are famous there, you will definitely answer, Raja Ampat. Even though good beach tourist destination in West Papua are not only Raja Ampat. Make no mistake, other regions of West Papua have enchanting natural tourist destinations. One of them is a tourist destination called Pintu Angin which is located in Momi Waren Village, Ransiki District, South Manokwari regency, West Papua Province.

This tourist destination is located not far from Mount Botak. If estimated, the trip duration is about 4 to 5 hours and can only accessed by land via Rendani Manokwari Airport - Sowi - Maruni - Trans Manokwari - Bintuni - Mount Botak Road. After a 20-minute drive towards Teluk Bintuni Regency, visitors will see a beach with a wooden bridge and several parked vehicles. Because it is located on the trans Manokwari-Bintuni route, Pintu Angin is often used as a stopover for vehicles from and to Teluk Regency and from and to Manokwari Regency.

It is advisable for vehicles or cars to get there with special specifications, considering the road is hilly and at some point there are damaged roads. Meanwhile, two-wheeled vehicles are not yet available, considering the terrain and the distance that must be traveled.

The long wooden bridge, combined with the turquoise water, is a great sight and is the first thing visitors will notice. Especially when walking down a long bridge to the middle of the beach. In addition, at the end of the bridge, there is a kind of small pier and used as a port for local people who will go to Rumberpon Island and the surrounding islands. With the water so clear, you can see the waters full of colorful fish, and a variety of attractive coral reefs.

Swimming and snorkeling are the most recommended activities when visiting Pintu Angin, considering the visibility and calmness of the currents are quite good. Not only snorkeling or swimming, just looking from the bridge, the marine life is clearly visible and tempts anyone to immediately jump into the water and enjoy it more closely. In addition to the stunning coastal views, the surrounding lush hills add to the rare impression. Don't forget to capture every corner of this place as beautiful memories in West Papua.

If you are satisfied enjoying this beach, you can buy food and drinks because there are food stalls available. In addition, there are also prayer rooms and clean toilet facilities. For you who will stay, lodging options are only in Manokwari, which is 155 Km away.

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