Oransbari Beach

The beauty of West Papua coast is beyond doubt. White sands and vast oceans with clear water can actually be the most steady source of vitamin-sea. Oranbari is one of the beautiful beaches in West Papua which is highly recommended for you to visit. The spot still tend to be quiet because not many visitors have come here. This beach is a beautiful and calm beach in the Ransiki district, South Manokwari.

The mangrove forest area in Oransbari Village is still natural and local people around also prohibit excessive activity in the forest other than fishing. That is why the natural environment of the beach and mangrove forest in Oransbari is very well preserved. You can relax and enjoy the beach atmosphere without having to be disturbed by people passing by. Commonly, a gentle breeze brushed your face, it felt cooler in the hot weather.

There is a typical Papuan house building, named Honai, which is made by the local community. You can enter the honai and enjoy the sound of the beautiful roaring waves there. As far as the eye can see, there is a view of Bembab hill that is ready to spoil your eyes too.

If you want to get around the mangrove forest, you can also rent a boat that can take you around the mangrove forest, enjoying the calm seaside and the blue water that soothing to the eye. The fishermen will be happy to take you on a boat around the coast of Oransbari.

How to get there?
To reach Oransbari, visitors can start from Ransiki city. From this city you will travel only about 30 minutes to reach Oransbari by car. Road conditions in Ransiki are also quite good. In addition to the village, on the way, you will find a number of interesting sights such as several long bridges, dry rivers (Kali Mati = only flows during the rainy season), beaches, rice fields and forests.

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