Mount Botak

Mount Botak is one of tourist destinations that should be tried when exploring South Manokwari Regency. The name Mount Botak is not only because this mountain has no trees, because in fact there are still trees and also bushes that will make this mountain less arid.

Climbing Mount Botak will certainly allow visitors to enjoy the natural scenery from the top. Even from the headland, tourists can see directly the Pacific Ocean in blue which is quite a contrast to the green mountains that surround the Pacific Ocean.

This mountain is indeed a cool spot as a tourist destination, because there is a cliff edge area that directly leads to the sea. The waters in the sea are very clear, which allows tourists to see the fishermen looking for fish.

Visitors can also take pictures on Mount Botak with the beautiful open ocean as a background. Of course it will be guaranteed to make photos look cooler.

The most fun spot in this tourist spot in Ransiki, South Manokwari, is at the end of a cliff that leads to the sea. The waters here are still clear. Visitors can also see the view of fishermen looking for fish here because the waters here are calm.

The route to get to this tour only takes about 2 to 3 hours, but this time if you depart from Manokwari city. If from Ransiki downtown, it has a about 1 hour drive.

If you are going to visit Mount Botak, don't worry that there is no alternative path or fear of falling into a cliff. There are already stairs to get to the top of Mount Botak. This stair is often referred to by the community, named the Thousand Stairs.

You can imagine if you visit here. The stretch of land that seems to spill over to the ocean and blends with nature, the stretch of white sand beaches, steep cliffs that crash down with the combined wind that pays off feeling tired.

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