Neney Waterfall

Another destination that worth to visit is Neney Waterfall, which is indeed quite popular on social media. Even local visitors also make this tour a favorite place for refreshing. Many have predicted that the waterfall will get more famous from time to time.

Neney waterfall emerged from between the rocks that flowed down. The water is not too big, so it is very suitable to be used as a tourist spot for families with small children. So that visitors can freely take pictures in the waterfall area without feeling worried. Neney Waterfall is not wide but high, now in front of the waterfall a transportation access bridge has been built that connects several villages in the Neney district, it is also safe for children to play here but still and must be supervised.

In the waterfall area, you can also enjoy the food that you bring while accompanied by the water that continues to flow, decorated with forests that displayed around it, the waterfall makes us feel to stay longer in this location. But remember, don't leave trash, let's keep it clean together so that it can be enjoyed at any time.

How to get there?
To get to this waterfall, the trip is only about 1 hour from Ransiki City. This waterfall is indeed very easy to visit because it is located on the side of the road, which does not go into the village too much.

If you travel from Manokwari city or other cities in Papua, you can pass the trans Papua road which is the access to South Manokwari and several districts located in West Papua province, on the trans Papua road you can enjoy the beach view that accompanies the trip in Tanah Rumbu district and you must also be careful to go through the mountain road, that crosses the mountain with a lot of curves.

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