South Manokwari

South Manokwari Regency is one of West Papua's Province regency with great natural resource potential. The capital is located in Ransiki. Because South Manokwari has a good topography, this area has many beautiful tourist destinations. Many visitors have been amazed by South Manokwari which has beautiful and clean beaches. Mountain tourism is also very enjoyable because you will find beautiful scenery and not much touched by humans. When you come to South Manokwari, you can also find many interesting cultural tourism objects that you have never encountered before.

With the topography of South Manokwari Regency which formed by coast and highlands with mountains and lowlands, South Manokwari offers an extraordinary tourist destination. If you are just about to visit and do not have an idea of which destination you want to visit, you should read carefully some of the recommended tourist destinations in South Manokwari Regency, West Papua which are interesting to visit.

Food crops such as vegetables, tubers, nuts, fruits have become reliable commodities in South Manokwari Regency so far, such as in Ransiki District, which has the potential to develop cocoa and banana plants, considering that this district has a plantation area, cocoa area of 1,160 hectares. Then in Oransbari District so far as a rice producing area considering that this district has rice fields with total area of 423 hectares supported by adequate irrigation.

South Manokwari Regency has reliable marine potential, the existing marine area has a diversity of fish which can be a potential fishery producer in this area. Apart from being a fishery producer, Momi Waren District has a large marine area with beautiful sea views with several bays around it and underwater scenery with various types of unspoiled coral reefs so that it can be a tourist destination.

At least, there are 21 tourist destinations that have been designated as potential tourist objects, such as Mount Botak Destinations, Oransbari Tourism Beach, Oransbari Mangrove Forest Tourism Object, Raipawi Beach, Mount Bembab Waterfall, Neney Waterfall, Momi Waren Hot Water Tourism Object and other.

There are 4 districts in South Manokwari Regency which borders the sea: Ransiki, Momi Waren, Tahota, Oransbari Districts, while the other 2 districts are located in plain or mountainous areas that do not border the sea: Nenei District and District Isim Plain.

How to get there?
To come to visit South Manokwari district, visitors can reach it by plane to Rendani Airport in Manokwari then from Rendani Manokwari Airport take a plane to Abreso Airport. Or if you want to reach it by land, you can reach it by car from Manokwari city.

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