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There is no other contesting than Durian Bido Wonosalam, for anyone who likes to eat durian. Durian with length form, greenness epidermis and thick kernel had confessed its deliciously with its typical taste.
This Bido Durian would be more enjoy, if we go to the location and pluck the fruit by ourselves, walking around and enjoy the beauty of Wonosalam.
Hence, this Bido type is one of Jombang asset, because it is delicious and if we buy it from the farmer itself, we will get cheap price. This Bido durian can found along the road toward the plantation.
The natural beauty of Wonosalam, yield fruit of durian with typical taste and become a pre-eminent 'icon' product in Jombang.
Its market business is wide until to all of Indonesia area, even declared as fruit with a high quality of exports.

Many ginger coffee types, but we only meet the delicious ginger coffee in Wonosalam. Ginger coffee as a beverage is more scrumptious if we drink it in cool area because our body will become warmness and motivated again.

Hence, Wonosalam become the correct area to produce ginger coffee. The beautiful situation and fresh air is become the reason to produce ginger coffee, because the top area of Wonosalam is more cold.

Hence, Wonosalam besides produce the delicious fruit of Durian Bido, is also produced delicious beverage with maximum quality for health.

Jombang government is considers about Wonosalam, because it has great prospect. Wonosalam farmer is the member of KOPRABUN Kopersi Dinas Perindustrian and DispardaTK. 11 Jombang, because they produce the ginger coffee.
That of course with a big hope it will become a competent product and can to be export product, so that everybody will like to consume it.


Jombang has safe various special things, because its area fulfilled by tourism objects and become the producer of beautiful accessories. It is glasses accessories producer area, which has various beautiful colors.
This creative product had produced in so many forms, such as necklace, bracelet, tasbeeh, earrings, etc.
The center of this accessories product is located at Plumbon Gambang village, Jombang.
According to the observation below, its marketing has reached to various areas such as Bali, Surabaya, and Kalimantan. Even, it also reaches to other country, such as Malaysia and France.
Hence, Jombang would be proud for having this production, because these products have become high quality to be export. Therefore, the Plumbon village has become a wanted place for tourists and always tries to get a better result of its product.


One more of Jombang products, beside its accessories of glasses there is also products of brass cast.
Historic statues, animal statue that create by the brass cast, are the products of this production.
The center of this production is located at Mojoagung, Jombang.
From the observation below, the products have been sending to the other area and had become an export quality to the other country. The income of these products can reach for Rp. 2.000.000 per month. An amazing number, isn’t?.
Then, Jombang is become a special area with its brass cast products. As a tour place, Mojoagung, Jombang has its own interesting to make the tourist feel enjoy visiting those place, beside has pilgrim activity to ‘Mbah Sayid Sulaiman’, the visitor also get various impressing of brass cast products.

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