Arimbi Temple

Rimbi Temple - Nganjuk

Rimbi Temple

This temple is still looks sturdy and full of historical value. Physically, Arimbi Temple is not too big. Nevertheless, from the history side, this temple is also one of interesting temple in Java. It said that Arimbi is ‘petilasan’ (rest room) of the Majapahit soldier.

Arimbi temple is located in Ngrimbi village, Wonosalam district, Jombang. Arimbi temple precisely located between Wonosalam and Bareng district. The location is strategic because it stay at the main road towards Wonosalam.

If we want to observe the histories of Arimbi temple, we will found it when Majapahit was still glorious. Arimbi temple is the rest place soldiers and Majapahit government member. There are many evidences in Arimbi temple as ‘petilasan’ in Majapahit era.

Arimbi temple, the history nuance above, and the omissions, are the heritage things that should be took care by us. Hence, Jombang assumes that Arimbi Temple is become one of history tour place and also for national tour.

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