Kedung Cinet

Kedung Cinet is very dynamic, its nature fascinating interest everyone to see it. It is between the greenness forests, flow away in a river and the transparent scraping stones that seem to be whiteness, and make the natural beauty. Kedung Cinet, is a profile of forest tourism that awaking beauty in Jombang area.

It had said that Kedung Cinet is begins from the place bath of soldier and waiting women in Mojapahit era. Kedung Cinet is a place of resting, and take a bath in transparency water, that flowing away with unwilled forest situation.
Besides its beauty panorama of Kedung Cinet and the assess history, make Kedung Cinet has own fascination as a tourism place.
Kedung Cinet is located about 10 kilometers from Brantas Ploso Bridge, precisely in Pojok Klitih village. The visitor can see the beautiful scenery in their journey, from fringing the Brantas River until getting through the bridge “joggled" that so preoccupy if it blown by wind, before arrive at beautiful Kedung Cinet.

Kedung Cinet located in the middle of wilderness, commonly visited by a lot of peoples both, from around and domestic tourist. The natural beauty of Kedung Cinet seems so exciting; stones gap in river stream, stalactite and stalagmite that hang on and the beautiful, green, soft, transparent and cool natural forest panorama.

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