Remo Dance, The Originating East Java Traditional Dance

Remo Dance, East Java Traditional Dance

Remo Dance

Remo dance is originating from Jombang regency, East Java. At early begin, this dance was used as an opening show before Ludruk show. In times, this dance is practically performed as a welcome dance in special occasion like state ceremonies and local arts festival.

Remo dance is telling about the struggle of a prince in a battle. Hence, this dance is performed by a man, or today, it is performed by a woman who dressed up like a man. By that case, today, there is a type of Remo dance, which is Remo Putri or type of Remo dance which performed by a woman.

The main characteristic of Remo dance is a smart footwork and dynamic movement. This movement is supported by the bells that attached at the ankle. This bell will sounds when the dancers stepping or stomping on the stage. In addition, the other movement characteristic is taken from the scarf or sampur, nod and shake of the head movements, facial expressions, and the horses movement make this dance more attractive.

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