Sendang Made

According to history, Sendang Made is beginning from the marriage of Damarwangsa,s Princess named Sekarwati with a prince from empire of Bali named Airlangga, but then attacked by Prabu Wora Wari from Tulungagung. Then the group saved by Prabu Narotama to mount Lawu and ended in a pool, accompanied with five waiting women. Moreover, that pool is Sendang Made as the 'nyepi’ (meditation activity) place of Prabu Airlangga with his wife, waiting women and many soldiers, after attacked by other empire.

Sendang / pool with 8 m X 11 m width, seen that it still maintained. Its buildings are also looked complete. It is also has partition of room around it, which aimed for rest place of Prabu Brawijaya group at that moment.

Why this pool called Sendang Made? Because this pool is located in Made Village, Kudu district, Jombang Regency.
Besides Sendang Made, there is other smaller pool around it, such as; Sendang Payung, Sendang Padusan, Sendang Drajat, Sendang Sinden, and Sendang Omben.

The other uniquely is we had not allowed to build or have renovation for any building around Sendang Made. It aimed to taking care its fullness of history value.

To reach Sendang Made, we able to use various vehicles. There is wide parking area, make this competent pool become a recreation place for public Jombang and especially for the tourist.

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