Sayid Sulaiman Grave

Sayid Sulaiman Grave - Jombang

Sayid Sulaiman Grave

Friday ‘Legi’ (one of Javanese’s days) Night, the easier expression to remember a ritual activity of pilgrimage to Mbah Sayyid Sulaiman grave, which attended by thousands of people who coming from various place.
It is beginning when Mbah Sayyid take hold as Wodli in Kanigoro, Pasuruan. When he had pilgrimage to waliulloh Mbah Raden Alif grave in Mancilan, Mojoagung, he was sick and finally he passed away in that place.

This graveyard is in Mancilan, Mojoagung district. Moreover, it is easy to visit, because we can use various vehicles. Besides known as historic place, this grave is also assumed as a holy place. Sometimes there are many people are having pilgrimage for ‘ask a benediction’.

According to history that has written, Mbah Sayyid Sulaiman is one of the descendants of Rasulullah (Muhammad SAW) to 26. During his life, he recognized as religious man, has good personality and his behaviour almost has no different with Rasulullah (Muhammad SAW). He is wise, especially in taking every decision, decent to humanity and respect to each and everyone who met him.

As ‘pedigree’ of Prophet, Mbah Sayyid Sulaiman was always respecting the religious activity. In all broadcast religion opportunity, he always used Rasulullah SAW style. Mbah Sayyid was also fond to had pilgrimage in all of Moslem member’s graveyards. He passed away in 17 RobiuI AwaI (one of Java’s months) 1193 H or 24 Marchs 1780 M. His mother was a Cirebon King’s daughter.

It is better if visit to Raden Alif grave first to ‘ask for permission‘, because the purpose of Mbah Sayyid Sulaiman was for having pilgrimage to MbahAlif. It is the ethnics of having pilgrimage, and this thing is still become culture.

Hence, the impact of the pilgrims, especially to Friday ‘Legi’ night, is influence the economics life of people around. It is because the people around has sell some merchandises with cheap price.

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