Maredred Waterfall

Fakfak Regency is known as the City of Nutmeg because this area is known as nutmeg producer. There are many interesting tourist spots that you can visit in this city. You can enjoy the natural scenery that will definitely leave an impression on your travel experience in the city of Fakfak.

The historical and cultural potential of Fakfak Regency is very diverse and so interesting for you to explore. Fakfak Regency itself is the oldest regency in the land of Papua which has a lot of history from the Dutch and Japanese colonial times during World War II. In addition, you can still see prehistoric relics of ancient civilizations in the form of handprints on the rock walls of the karst islands in Kokas District.

Maredred Waterfall is one of Fakfak's amazing natural beauties that you can enjoy while on vacation in Fakfak, West Papua. Here you can enjoy views of the river flow with rock cliffs flanking on both sides. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, here you can also visit a nutmeg garden with the tropical rainforest of Papua view. There, you will hear the birdsong that will accompany your journey such as the chirping of parrots and also birds of paradise.

Maredred Waterfall is also known by the local community as Sakartemin Waterfall because it is located in Sakartemin Village, East Fakfak District. However, the official name taken by the Fakfak Regency government is Sakartemin Waterfall. The local community divides this waterfall into two, Sakartemin i Waterfall and Sakartemin ii Waterfall.

The time needed to reach Maredred Waterfall from the capital city of Fakfak Regency can be taken up to forty-five minutes, while the travel time to get to the location of Maredred Waterfall from the center of Sakartemin Village is about two hours along the river to the Waterfall. During the trip, tourist visitors will enjoy the view of the river flow and the rock cliff walls that flank it.

How to get there?
FakFak Regency is in the southern part of West Papua province. 45 minutes it takes from Sorong to FakFak. If you take a plane, you will arrive at Torea FakFak Airport. After arriving at the airport, you will look for car rentals and hotels. Don't be surprised because this eastern part of Indonesia has quite expensive facility rates.

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