Karst Island Cluster

In Fakfak Regency, you can also visit an extraordinarily beautiful tourist destination, the Karst Island Cluster. Fakfak has a beautiful coastline in the Kokas sea which as beautiful as Raja Ampat. There is a cluster of small islands similar to Raja Ampat. This Karst Island cluster in Fakfak is unique, it has sea cliffs that have gaps with cement-made boxes filled with bones. It is said that the coral is sacred as the grave of Putri Laut (sea princess), the guardian of the Kokas sea.

The island that in Kokas District administrative area, has a cluster of small islands similar to the Wayag island in Raja Ampat. The sea is clear, complete with beautiful color gradations. Soft sand grains can also be found on the shores of small islands and on Ugar Island itself. In this island cluster, there is only one inhabited island, namely Ogasmuni Island. This island has a village called Kampung Ugar. Arriving at this village, you will be greeted by the indigenous people of Kokoda Tribe who have inhabited this island for a long time.

The village with 276 people, majority work as fishermen. For the record, the visitors of these islands are obliged to attend traditional ceremonies before carrying out further exploration. This ceremony is carried out with a series of traditional rituals led by local traditional elders. After that, we will follow the traditional elders to surround sacred places.

Starting from tying the red rope on the banyan tree near the pier. Then proceed with a tour of the two ironwood trees at the back of the village and the spring that flanked by the two trees. It is said that all the islands in this place are still classified as sacred places. Therefore, the local people really take care of the area. They do not dare to cut trees or catch fish carelessly.

The traditional elders added that the ceremony carried out was aimed at introducing new people who were visiting these islands. It is hoped that the newcomers will be kept away from unwanted things. Furthermore, the visitors can use the residents' houses as a home base. Local residents do not mention a specific rate, but we can pay it for any compassion.

If traced further, this local wisdom has a good impact on the environment in this place. The public's belief in the sanctity of this place has indirectly preserved the biodiversity stored in these islands.

Various types of animals, especially aves, were found flying from one island to another. There were hornbills, yellow crested cockatoos, crows and albatrosses. Various orchids are also found among the rocks in the karst hills. Apart from that, medicinal plants were also found in large numbers on the periphery and in the forest. In fact, this wealth is supported by forest areas that still quite dense and well preserved.

Not only that, even though local people work as fishermen, the management of marine products is still traditional. The community is not allowed to use fishing methods that can damage the underwater ecosystem. The system is also regulated by traditional elders, commonly known as sasi. By using this system, people are only allowed to catch fish at certain times. This aims to maintain the capacity and quality of the people's catch.

Local wisdom that has been mentioned shows a fairly high level of community awareness of the preservation of the environment around it. In addition, the warmth of the local community also adds to its own impression when visiting this island. One thing that needs to be imitated and applied is the level of concern for the environment which is reflected in the local wisdom. It is hoped that even though Ugar will be known by people outside of Fakfak, this will still be maintained. Moreover, the sasi system that was implemented. It would be nice if the system could be implemented in various places in Fakfak Regency. Related to Fakfak which is known for its seafood.

How to get there:
Access to these islands is quite easy. The road to get there is also a good asphalt road. The distance from Fakfak city is about 45 km or about 2 hours by using a motorized vehicle.

If there are no private vehicles, we can use public transportation on the Fakfak-Kokas route. After arriving at Kokas Harbor, the journey continues by sea transportation. The available transportation is a long boat belonging to the residents of Ugar Village. The travel time from Kokas Harbor to Ugar Village is about 30-45 minutes depending on ocean conditions. This is because these islands are located near the Banda Sea with waves that quite bumpy at certain times.

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