Tourist Destinations in Jepara, Hidden Paradise in Central Java

Many people know Jepara Regency because of the existence of the Karimunjawa Islands which is called one of the underwater “paradises” in Indonesia. It turns out that not only that, Jepara also has many natural tourist spots that worth to visit for an exciting vacation.

Karimunjawa National Park
Jepara city is synonymous with the natural beauty of the Karimunjawa Islands. The cluster, which is formed by more than 20 small islands, was developed as a marine park tour with many interesting spots. You can snorkel to see the beauty of marine life, stop at a shark breeding, tracking to the mangrove forest, visiting many beaches at once, culinary tours, to religious tourism.

Jurang Nganten Waterfall
Jurang Nganten Waterfall consists of upright cliffs with running water tends to be calm. This 50 meter high waterfall can reached by driving for 40 minutes from the city center of Jepara. To get there, you need trekking about 500 meters with a fairly steep terrain. But once you get there, the gurgling of water and also beautiful trees will greet you. Moreover, the atmosphere is calm, because not many tourists have touched it. This waterfall is located in Dukuh Turung, Tanjung Village, Pakis Aji District, Jepara Regency, Central Java.

Portuguese Fort Beach
On the edge of this beach stands the Portuguese Fort which existed since 1923 and is a cultural heritage protected by the government. Besides crowded with people because they look handsome, many people come to swim at the beach. The shoreline is not sand, but rocks and cliffs. Therefore, many use it for fishing. The facilities are quite complete, starting from the bathroom to the gazebo for relaxing. This beach is located at Jalan Benteng Portuguese – Tayu KM 48, Donorejo, Banyumanis, Donorojo, Jepara Regency, Central Java.

Panjang Island
This 19-hectare island is surrounded by shallow waters that very clear and filled with coral reefs. The beauty that this island has to offer is not inferior to Karimunjawa, clean air and its beautiful environment are its main attractions. You can rent a bicycle to get around the island and enjoy the calming atmosphere. In addition, Panjang Island is not too crowded with visitors, it feels like living in a private island. Some of the activities that you can do besides cycling, include snorkeling, camping, and religious tourism visiting the tomb of Syekh Abu Bakar Bin Yahya Ba’alawi. This island is located in Ujungbatu, Jepara, Central Java.


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