5 Most Popular Beaches in Garut Regency, Overlooking the Indian Ocean

Garut is a district in West Java, where most of its territory is in the south. The southern area of Garut is directly bordered by the Indian Ocean so that there are many beach tourist spots there. Of the many beaches in Garut, the 5 beaches below are the most popular there and many people already know the name of the beach. What are the five beaches? Check out the reviews below to reference your vacation in Garut later.

The first and most popular is Santolo Beach which is located in Cikelet District. On this beach, there is a large area of beautiful white sand and the tourist facilities are quite complete. Apart from enjoying the beautiful sand and sea, in Santolo you can also ride a banana boat and fish on the shoreline or with a fishing boat.

Sayang Heulang
Still located in Cikelet District, the next beach is Sayang Heulang. Sayang Heulang Beach is suitable as an alternative to Santolo if Santolo is full of visitors. Around Sayang Heulang Beach there are other interesting spots besides the beach, it is Teletubbies Hill and Gumuk Pasir Tungtung Karang.

Puncak Guha
Not a stretch of sand, Guha Peak is the edge of a cliff facing the sea. On this Guha Peak grows green grass and trees so that when you relax here you will feel at home and not overheat. For its location, Guha Peak is located in Bungbulang District.

Rancabuaya Beach is located at the western end of the coast of Garut Regency and only a few kilometers from the border of Cianjur Regency. Even though the stretch of sand is not too wide, Rancabuaya Beach is surrounded by grove of trees which makes it cool. The location of Rancabuaya Beach is close to Guha Peak and enters Bungbulang District.

Karang Paranje
Bored of sand? On Karang Paranje Beach you can take pictures with the towering rocks around the beach. Because of the large number of corals, this beach is also called Karang Paranje. This beach is located on the east coast of Garut Regency, especially in Cibalong District and only a few kilometers from the border with Tasikmalaya Regency.

So, those are the five most popular beaches in Garut Regency. You can also visit the five beaches while touring on the Pansela route (South Coast of Java Island). When do you plan to hang out in Garut?


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