Happy New Year, Travelers


The start of the New Year is one of our favorite holidays. Where we’re from, we welcome the new year with magnificent fireworks displays and a huge midnight feast for the family. As travelers, it also reset the clock for us. The arrival of the new year provides us with a clean record, an opportunity to re-evaluate our journey, correct our mistakes, do better, go further, learn more than last year.

We want to thank all of our wonderful readers. It’s great to help you guys find the perfect destination spot of Indonesia Tourism to make a happy vacations this year! We love what we do! But most importantly, we wish you all have bright holidays and the new year brings a lot of luck and love!

Cheers to another year of wonderful places, great friendships, and unforgettable travels! Welcome change, embrace adventure, and make this new year one you’ll never forget. Happy New Year!


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