Snorkeling at Telaga Nilem, Kuningan, West Java

The charm of Indonesia’s natural beauty is indeed super amazing. From Sabang to Merauke, there are many extraordinary and exciting destinations to visit. One of them is Telaga Nilem which locaten in a city that famous for its horses: Kuningan city, West Java.

The interesting thing of this lake is the very clear lake water, so that you can see the bottom of the lake with your naked eye or without any tools help. When traveling to Nilem Lake, you don’t need to worry because the manager has provided facilities that support the comfort of the visitor, such as motorboats, water bikes that can used to get around the lake. In addition, there is also a well-maintained and adequate parking area, prayer room and toilet. And, there are several souvenir shop that sells special handicraft products of Telaga Nilem which can be taken home as a keepsake or souvenir.

Other facilities provided by the manager are several gazebos on the edge of the lake that well maintained. With these gazebos, visitors can relax and enjoy the panoramic beauty of this beautiful lake.

The origin of nilem name is because there are many nilem fish in this lake. So that the lake called as Nilem. Nilem Lake is a natural spring or pool with clear and clean water. The water comes directly from mountain springs. There are lush and shady forests around the lake, that make the atmosphere looks beautiful, attractive and natural. It is tends to be quiet and not too crowded. The air is cold because this lake is a part of Gunung Ciremai National Park area.

The depth of this lake is about 3 meters like a stretch of clear green glass with gravel, rocks, moss and algae filling it. This is the main attraction for tourists who come to visit. Usually the water lake is not as clear as the water in Nilem Lake. Many tourists could enjoy their vacation, not only bathe, but some also dive and snorkel. Of course, this kind of thing is not the same as other tourist spots which usually prohibit visitors from diving and snorkeling in the lake.

There are also two types of ponds in the lake. It is called as shallow pools with about 0 – 1.2 meters depth and deep pools with about 0 – 4 meters depth. Usually, visitors soak or swim in this shallow or deep pool.


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