Sport Tourism For Indonesia To Rise Up

The pandemic isn’t over yet. The whole world still feels it, and so does Indonesia. One of the countries known as the owner of the most complete destinations in the world. In Indonesia, travelers can find all the desired destinations, from hiking, surfing, snorkelling, diving, canoeing on the lake, observing various beautiful and unique cultures, trying various foods that are rich in taste, seeing the handicraft process, observing objects, ancient relics, temples and thousands of other tourist destinations. For this reason, it is not surprising that Indonesia is one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations.

During this pandemic, Indonesia limited tourist visits and this made the charm of the tourism not accessible to everyone. However, Indonesia still needs to promote its tourism. Therefore, Indonesia needs a special strategy so that tourism promotion still move on. One of the ways to revive Indonesia’s tourism activity is to collaborate with the sports sector and create a program called Sport Tourism. This sport that combines tourism or sport tourism is increasingly the interest of many people. Sport tourism is an event that combines sports as well as aims to promote tourism in an area. Through the existence of a large sporting event, it is hoped that the tourist areas that are traversed will become increasingly popular.

There are already several popular sports tourism held in Indonesia and well known in the international arena. The interesting thing is Indonesia has amazing nature spots to explore, from the sea, rice fields, rivers, to mountainous areas. Some of Indonesia’s sport tourism which is quite popular, for example, Tour de Flores, Tour de Singkarak, and Tour de Ijen. Sports tourism events are becoming increasingly popular as well, such as marathons.

Indonesia needs many more sport tourism events to promote other tourist destinations. For example, because Indonesia has many amazing surfing and diving spots, one day, maybe Indonesia could hold international sports events for surfing and diving.

The huge potential of sports tourism in Indonesia is believed to be an attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists after the COVID-19 pandemic. Sport tourism has become a new tourism trend with a very wide market, especially Indonesia has natural resources such as mountains, seas and lakes which can be used for various sporting events.


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