Nature Tourism You Must Visit in Tasikmalaya Regency

When you visit Tasikmalaya, you will be presented with many beautiful natural destinations. Here are the destinations that you must visit:

  1. Mount Galunggung
    Mount Galunggung, offers tours to the top of the crater and sulfur hot springs. Galunggung hot spring baths include a swimming pool as a place to soak in. Private hot tub rooms are also available. In addition, if you walk higher, you will be able to soak in the river of natural hot springs. Mount Galunggung tour area is located in Linggajati Village, Sukaratu District, Tasikmalaya Regency. Galunggung tourism has been managed by Official Forestration and the Tourism Office so that it has complete facilities and it is not difficult to get souvenirs and food.
  2. Curug Gado Bangkong
    This waterfall is one of the natural tourist destinations that popular among young community. Apart from the freshness of the water, it is also an “instagramable” place or perfect for photography session and uploaded to Instagram. Because it is still natural, it is advisable to visit in the morning before evening because there is still less street lighting so it is quite risky.

    Curug Gado Bangkong is located in Santanamekar Village, Cisayong Tasikmalaya, located on the slopes of Mount Galunggung. Note that those who drive a car must park, and walk or get motorbike to reach the waterfall.
  1. Ciparay waterfall
    This waterfall tour is located in Parentas, Cigalontang, Tasikmalaya Regency. Ciparay waterfall starts operating at 06.30 AM – 17.00 PM. Curug Ciparay offers two waterfalls at once. This waterfall is 55 meters high and 75 meters high so it has a large burst of water.

Because the Ciparay waterfall is still natural and there have not been too many improvements from the government, so there is only a public toilet in the upper area before going down to the waterfall area and stairs for access to the waterfall. Visitors will need to bring their own sufficient supplies and personal medicine supplies or first aid kit.


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