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Geger Hill

Geger Hill Bangkalan

Geger hill is located approximately 30 km southeast of the City Bangkalan, precisely in the village of Geger, District Geger. This hill is located at an altitude of about 150-200 meters above sea level.

According to the folk legend, Geger hill was the first place that had been visited by the first civilian who came in Madura. On 7-8 Century, it was Patih Pranggulan from Mendangkawulan kingdom in the the foothill of Semeru became the first man who landed in Planggirân ( a set of rocks) in Geger hill. At that time he came together with Princess Dewi Ratna Roroagung, the daughter of Mendangkawulan king, and she was pregnant.

Both Patih Pranggulan and Princess Dewi Ratna Roroagung which was called as Putri Koneng or Koneng princess was castaway. At geger hill, the princess Koneng was always did meditation at the edge of the cliff, everyday before the sunset. Now, the rock that seems like chair is being called as Palènggiyân (Madura).

Relating the folk legend above, in Geger hill, there are five legendary caves in the form of Madurese language, like Petapan cave (the cave for meditation), Goa Potre (princess cave ), Goa Planangan (men cave), Goa Pancong Pote (white lynch cave) and Goa Olar (Snake Cave).

Up to now, in that location there are some visitors from Madura or the outside Madura come to those sites doing some meditating or praying, the local people call this as Tirakatan.

Geger hill is such a potential destination in Madura, for it has camping ground for those who want to explore more about this hill. Moreover, there is also Acacia forest, Mahogany forest and Teak forest that covering 42 hectares of the hil. We can see the beautiful rice field and some lakes over the sightseeing and a resort on the hilltop of Pelanggiran site. Furthermore, it become more potential to be the tourism destination in Bangkalan because this site is having the historical background of the first founding of Madura.

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