The Raft In Ranu Klakah

Ranu Klakah - Lumajang

Ranu Klakah

Lumajang is one of regencies that located on the south coast of East Java province. Lumajang is also called “Banana Town”. The regency of Lumajang is about 190 km from Surabaya, the capital of East Java.
This regency is one of East Java’s tourism that save a lot of famous tourism objects, such as;

The Triangle Lake, which contains of three lakes (Ranu Klakah, Ranu Bedali, Ranu Pakis). Those lakes are very popular in Lumajang and always visited by many tourists.

Mount Semeru, which is the highest mount in Java Island. There are many people have climbed this mount. They also enjoy the mount smoke at regular interval of five minutes.

The Beaches; Watu Godeg Beach, Watu Gedeg Beach, Tlepuk Beach, Dampar Beach, and the others. They are the beautiful beaches in Lumajang and also visited by many tourists.

The other famous tourism object in Lumajang is Tetes Cave. This cave contains of colorful stalagmite and stalagtite panorama. This cave is the most beautiful cave in Lumajang regency and interesting to visited.

Come to visit Lumajang and you will get the unique and fantastic scenery from its natural mount, lake, cave and forest. Visit it with your family, friends, partner or the others. This area is easy to reach. You can reach it by motorcycle, car, travel, etc.

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