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Kaliandra Sejati

Kaliandra is a non-governmental organization incorporated under the laws of the foundation. The name is inspired from the tree Kaliandra or Caliandra calothyrsus, known as a pioneer plant, because of its ability to survive in critical lands, and has many functions.

Kaliandra is developing a range of training programs and facilities that can be enjoyed by the visitors, both local and international. The advantage afterward is used to support the social activities around the local area, like, the natural and cultural preservation, local economic development, and improving the quality of human resources.

Situated on the slopes of Mount Arjuna at an altitude of 850 meters above the sea, it featuring the beautiful scenery and fresh air around the mountain range.

Kaliandra sejati, facilitating the guests by an artistic accommodation for their comfortableness. There are two types of resident that offers for the visitors; Kampung Bharatapura, with the capacity of 120 person, it offers a Javanese architectural accommodation. Kampung Hastinapura, is consist of exclusively 5 bungalows, with extra assistance for your convenient.

After seeing the accommodation that offered by, there are once more facilitation that you can be considered to, which is the Social Culture Packages, Nature Education Program and Eco-tourism. They are:

Social And Culture Program, there are points that offered:

– Javanese Culture 3 in 1 Package
– Rural Sociology Package
– In-House training Package [2-3 hours]
– One Day Program Package [4-6 hours]

Nature Education Program, is consist of:

– Kenal Alam Program
– Cekal Rusa or Cegah dan Tangkal Kerusakan Alam [Cease-and desist Nature Damage]
– Anugrah Alam Program
– Science and Natures Art Program
– One Day Program [4-6 hours]

Eco-Tourism Package, include of:

– Education Tourism
– Learning Travel
– Eco-walk – The mystical Indrokilo
– Eco-walk – Village Tour
– Around Arjuno [4 Days]
– East Java Explorer
– High East Java Explore

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