The Charm of Four Independent Tourist Villages on Java

There are four of the many tourist villages with independent status located on Java island. Starting from the Cibuntu Tourism Village to the Tamansari Tourism Village. However, what is the charm of each of these villages? Then, what activities can be done by tourists?

Cibuntu Tourism Village, Kuningan Regency
Cibuntu Tourism Village is located in Pasawahan District, Kuningan Regency, West Java. The distance from Jakarta to this tourist village is 230 kilometers (km) or about 3 hours 9 minutes. If you travel from Cirebon City, the distance to this tourist destination is 21.1 km or about 44 minutes.

This tourist village is famous as a village that has won the title of the fifth best tourist village at the ASEAN level in 2016 for the homestay field. There is an activity called the Kampung Tour that tourists can participate in. The Head of Cibuntu Village explained that visitors will be invited to see sites in the village before continuing the journey to Kahuripan Springs. Another activity that can be done is to enjoy the cool rural air while walking on the path in the middle of a stretch of grass. If you feel hot during the day, tourists can swim, soak, or just play in the water at Curug Gongseng.

Candirejo Tourism Village, Magelang Regency
Candirejo Tourism Village is located in Borobudur District, Magelang Regency, Central Java. The distance from Jakarta is 533 km or 7 hours 1 minute, while from Magelang the distance is 18.3 km or 28 minutes. Tourists can learn to cook traditional Javanese foods such as gudeg, pecel, or kikil satay. If you want to enjoy a quite unique tourist activity, visitors can learn to play gamelan after making and enjoying delicious traditional dishes. If you want to do something quite challenging, tourists can take an off-road trip by jeep to the Menoreh Hill area and take photos at Watu Kendil.

Pentingsari Tourism Village, Sleman Regency
Pentingsari Tourism Village is located in Umbulharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman Regency. The distance from Jakarta is 562 km or about 7 hours 26 minutes, while from Tugu Pal Putih Yogyakarta is 20.6 km or 41 minutes. There are various tourist activities that can be done in this award-winning tourist village. One of them is doing outbound activities in the village which is only 11 km from the peak of Mount Merapi. Throughout the activity, tourists are not only active in village fields but also rivers. Other tourism activities that can be done are learning gamelan directly from experts, learning traditional dances, or making coconut leaf creations.

For puppet lovers, there are activities to make grass puppet creations in the Pentingsari Tourism Village. If you want to enjoy typical rural activities, there are also plowing and rice planting activities that you can do.

Tamansari Tourism Village, Banyuwangi Regency
Tamansari Tourism Village is located in Licin, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. The distance from Jakarta is 1,040 km or about 14 hours 2 minutes, while from Blambangan Park in Banyuwangi downtown is 24.1 km or 48 minutes. Tourists who want to visit Mount Ijen often stay at a number of homestays there. However, if you want to do tourist activities other than staying overnight in the village, there are a number of tourist spots that you can visit such as Kampung Bunga, Kampung Susu, or Kampung Miners. While taking a walk or relaxing for a moment in Tamansari Tourism Village, visitors can also enjoy coffee produced by the villagers.


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