The Indonesian Tourism Village Award is Event to Develop the Potential of Tourist Villages

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy encourages tourist villages to develop their tourism potential and creative economy through the 2021 Indonesia Tourism Village Award. This event is carried out as an effort to develop tourist villages as the flagship program of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to make tourist villages a national economic generator so that tourists Participants need to show their best side in this event.

The competitiveness of tourist villages will increase because this award has the concept of competing for unity, competing for collaboration. So this tourist village will display the best side digitally and will develop creativity to create creative content, marketing, and also a platform for creative economy products owned by tourist villages.

These superior products can be in culinary products, crafts, applications and games to performing arts. Thus, the tourist village can be an attractive place for tourists and create jobs for the village community. Indonesia tourism will rise and tourist villages will become symbols of Indonesia’s economic revival and will encourage and support the nation’s economy after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy also encourages tourism village managers throughout Indonesia to really be able to take full advantage of digital platforms, including social media by creating creative content within the framework of digital marketing strategies. Thus, tourism villages can be realized as world-class tourism destinations, competitive, sustainable, and able to encourage regional development and people’s welfare, as well as build motivation for village development and become a village-level economic driver through tourist villages.

This event is expected to provide leverage for the local and national economy, as well as a promotional vehicle to show the potential of various tourist villages in Indonesia to domestic tourists and later foreign tourists.


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