The Animal Skeleton On Batu Secret Zoo

Animal Museum - Batu Secret Zoo, Batu

Animal Museum

Batu Secret Zoo is an official site of Jawa Timur Park or Jatim Park 2 that located in Batu city, East Java. Batu Secret Zoo is a modern zoo, complete with the high architectural design and numbers of animals’ collection. This zoo can be accessed for about 30n minutes from Malang city or 90 minutes from Surabaya. Moreover, this location is also near to other recreational park, which is Batu Night Spectacular or BNS.

By lying on 2 hectares land, there are three sections become the visitors’ route during the exploration to this zoo. The first section is about the zoo. The visitors who entrance the gate, can exploring the animals in some of artificial cage. The animals are taken from the entire endemic world and divided into some sections like Tiger land, Savannah Land, Hippo and Croc Garden, River Adventure, Safari Farm, Reptile zone and so on.
While enjoying the exotic animals, the visitors can also experience the beautiful sceneries along the uphill and down road.

The second section is called Museum Satwa or The Animals Museum. The content of this museum is about the bones of the animal, like, dinosaurs; the artificial pre historic animals, the artificial of the extinct animals and the preserved animals like butterfly, civet, deer, some of fishes and more. This museum is standing close to exit gate of the main section. The museum is having luxurious white building exterior and high interior design.

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